FAQ for City employees

1. What if we won’t get a competitive rate?

In the last 10 years we always had a better rate compared to the current market average. Providers basically turn their marketing budget – which they don’t have to spend on our customers – into a discount on their current rate.

2. What if something goes wrong with the switch?

Because switching provider is just an administrative change (no physical changes are necessary) people will always have electric service. If there is an administrative issue, iChoosr will fix this with the supplier until all parties are satisfied.

3. What if the new supplier goes bankrupt?

In this unlikely case customers are put on a reserve plan with “Providers of Last Resort” (POLR) so electric service is not interrupted. Designated REP’s are TXU, Reliant and CPL. This rate is higher so people should shop for a better rate soon afterwards.

4. What if there is a privacy breach?

Since we work with a lot of community leaders who have to uphold their good name we take privacy very serious. We have a fulltime privacy offer and successfully implemented the new and more strict European GDPR rules.