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A group switching program offers a unique opportunity for providers to reach a large group of potential households in a short period of time. Are you an interested electricity provider? You can get in touch with us via the links below.

Benefits for the provider

The cost for the customer in a group switching program is often significantly reduced. Providers benefit as well because they serve a large group at once and can minimize administrative and logistical costs. Moreover, providers have no marketing costs. This can allow the provider to make the offer more attractive to the customer, while the provider still benefits.

How does a group switching program work for providers?

1. Qualification of providers

iChoosr qualifies providers based on their ability to win and successfully deliver on a group switching program smoothly.

2. Registration of participants and auction

Interested households sign up to participate in a group switching program during a registration phase which typically lasts several weeks. iChoosr then conducts an auction among qualified providers. These providers bid against each other during the auction with an offer for all participants. The provider that delivers the best bid wins the auction.

3. Personalized offers

After the winning bid has been validated by iChoosr, the winning provider and iChoosr prepare to send the offer to the participants. The provider will be made aware of the communication content, planning and implementation of the project. iChoosr then emails a personalized offer to every participant. If a participant accepts the offer, iChoosr introduces the customer to the provider. The provider thus receives signed up customers, not leads.

4. On-boarding customers

iChoosr remains involved in the customer’s switch and oversees the quality of service and operations. We are ready to support the providers and the customer throughout the switching process. The satisfaction of our participants is paramount!

Do you want to bid in an auction?

Please register your interest soon, so we have time to complete the qualification process and explain the requirements to participate.

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