Let the sun pay your bills

Solar panels provide access to a renewable source of energy: the sun. Your solar panels will generate electricity for you, meaning you are less dependent on energy companies and can save money on your electricity bills by using the energy you generate.
You will also help to reduce CO₂ emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future of energy production.

The price of a solar panel system has decreased by more than 75% since 2008, making it more attractive to homeowners allover the world. This year you can also benefit from the Federal solar tax credit of 30%. Now is an excellent time to purchase solar!

How do our Solar group buying programs work?

  • 1. Sign up for free and with no obligation

  • 2. iChoosr organizes an auction among vetted installers

  • 3. You will receive a personal offer from the winning installer

  • 4. You decide whether or not you accept your offer

  • 5. If you want to move forward, iChoosr is on hand to help throughout the installation phase

Durability & Quality Guaranteed

A good solar installation will include 10-25 year warranties on the product and workmanship.

Hail storms can be pretty extreme in Texas, as we all know. Solar panels need to be able to withstand a minimum of hailstones that are 1 inch in diameter, which is more than most roofs can handle. So, panels can actually help to protect your roof from hail. In the event that an extreme hailstorm does damage the solar panels or your roof, both should be covered by your standard homeowners’ insurance.

Make an informed decision for your home

Local Texas cities have teamed up with Texas Solar Switch to make rooftop solar more accessible for residents and to help reduce carbon emissions across the state.

Our main objective is to provide an attractive solar offer to residents and help them make an informed decision for their homes with transparent and fair information. Your personal details will not be shared with any installer unless you decide to accept your personal offer. So, no frustrating sales calls.


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