Why group switching?

Finding the right Retail Electric Provider or Solar Installer can be a daunting task. There are so many different providers that all promise the best, but how do you know if you are making the right decision? All these uncertainties make people inert and besides that, you have also other things to do right? That is exactly why we organize group-buying programs. Consumers can register for free and without any obligation and we ensure that they will receive a personal offer from a professional party at a competitive price.

Why Group Energy Switching?

Texas lawmakers deregulated the state’s electricity market in 2002 to create more competition that would lead to lower prices but…  deregulation did half the job.

Before deregulation, the provider and the utility (TDU) were the same company. Due to a lack of competition, electricity prices increased.

Now, 16 years later there are over 50 different providers active in Texas, and – if you look hard enough – you can find yourself a good electricity rate. Nevertheless, 50% of Texans have never switched providers. These households are currently overpaying hundreds of dollars per year for their electricity.

With group energy switching, cities can help Texas households – and in particular disengaged people – save money on their electricity bills.

Join our program!

A new group energy switching program has started. Register now for free and without obligation. The goal is to give households an opportunity to group together in order to receive a better electricity rate.

Texas Power Switch

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Hassle free switch

This is where iChoosr comes in. We make switching easy. We form a group of people who are looking for a better electricity deal. We then hold an auction and let providers bid against each other. The provider who offers the lowest rate wins the auction. iChoosr then takes care of the entire switching process and offers best in class support before, during and after the switch.